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Case Studies

Amatus Health National re-branding and PR campaign

Amatus Health, an MSA based in Maryland, manages several brands including Autism Centers, Substance Use Disorder and Mental Health Centers and urgent cares across the country. The goal was to help formulate a brand that could encompasses multiple healthcare verticals, all different, but still part of the same family. The re- branding began in August 2021 and the centers have grown from 5 locations to over 15 in 2023.

Design a new logo, slogan, mission statements, brand style guidelines, signage for all facilities, video overview and facility tour, presentation decks, overhaul of websites and ongoing SEO/PR to increase digital footprint and online traffic.

In March 2022, TruHealing Addiction & Mental Health Treatment won first place in the rebrand category by Aspect Marketing. The organization selects Advertising and Public Relations Awards featuring the industry’s best examples of marketing and advertising. The award highlights our website redesign for its look, brand consistency, ease of use, and transparency.

Old name with oudated logo
New name with signage

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